FMCSA Hours of Service Explained

Passenger carrying Commercial drivers in the United States must abide by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Hours of Service (HOS) regulations. These regulations have been implemented to reduce fatigued driving. These regulations must be considered when putting together an itinerary for your travels. These rules are explained below and how they may influence your trip planning.

10 Hour Driving Rule

Your driver can drive up to 10 hours a day. Driving time includes:

  • Driving between our facility and your pickup location.
  • Time spent finding parking at a destination after group is dropped off.
  • Time spent waiting in traffic or border crossings where the driver is behind the wheel.

15 Hour On Duty Rule

Your Driver may be on duty for 15 hours in a day. On duty time includes:

  • All time driving
  • Loading / unloading time
  • Time spent monitoring passengers who remain on a coach at a stop
  • Time spent waiting at the coach so passengers may have flexible return times.

In general, if a driver may lock the bus and walk away or relax, the time may be excluded from the On Duty Time.

70 Hours in 8 days

Your driver may only be On Duty 70 hours in an 8 day period. If you are only scheduling a one day tour, this will not impact your itinerary. We will monitor the status so that your driver will not violate this rule. If you are planning an itinerary for a multi-day tour, you will need to monitor this rule to ensure the cumulative hours of your trip do not cause the driver to go over the 8 day rule even though all the individual days meet the daily rules.

8 Hours Off

Drivers must have a minimum of 8 hours off between days. If you are only scheduling a one day tour, this will not impact your itinerary. We will monitor the status so that your driver will not violate this rule. The driver is required to do a post trip coach inspection after the day is over and a pre-trip inspection at the beginning of the next day, so itineraries should allow at least 9 hours from time the coach parks until it departs in the morning to allow sufficient time off for the driver.

From Our Customers:

 We had a great time yesterday. Thank you so much. Things could not have gone more perfect. Our driver did a great job. We were running over a little on time, and I gave him the choice of skipping the last stop or keep going (which would mean we would get back to our return destination about 40 minutes later than scheduled). He said it was fine with him to keep going and complete our route. It was a great day. Thank you very much to Executive Coach, Inc.! 

- Susan
Threadworks Quilting

 Executive Coach staff & drivers are timely, friendly, and professional. They took the stress and worry out of our transportation logistics 

- Hope International

 I want to extend my appreciation to Executive Coach and our driver for organizing a safe trip to the Women's March in DC this past Saturday. Our driver was courteous and respectful and obliged to our wishes to travel directly into DC for a drop off point after all the metro sites were full. Everyone on the bus loved his accommodating manner and felt safe riding with him. I appreciate the Executive Coach staff working tirelessly to make sure we had all the information available to us. I look forward to working with you all again! 

- Brenda

 We have worked closely with Executive Coach for years. They have always portrayed the utmost professionalism and courtesy to us as a customer. Their equipment is state of the art and very well maintained, and their drivers are concerned with the safety of their passengers and are very pleasant to our groups. Overall, the team at Executive Coach has been a wonderful partner with White Star Tours and we look forward to continuing our professional relationship for years to come. 

- White Star Tours

 I just finished a tour from Washington to Boston with one of your drivers. It was the best driver and person I worked with in my last 15 years. The group and I appreciated his presence and safety during this tour.  

- Normand
Misa Tours

  On a recent trip to D.C. I was in need of a sudden change in carriers due to safety concerns and the crew at Executive Coach came through for me. They were able to provide service from D.C. to Chicago on a less than 24-hour notice. I will recommend Executive Coach anytime, anywhere! You have restored my faith in a corporate culture that takes responsibility, loves their work and goes the extra mile (literally!) 

- Ed Hollinger
Chiaravalle Montessori School

 Back from another wonderful day trip to Ocean City! The bus driver was pleasant, courteous, and a wonderful driver. We were picked up on time, the bus was clean and comfortable, and we were back a few minutes early despite some traffic delays. Can't wait to go again in August! 

- Connie from Paradise, PA

 We were very pleased with the outcome and performance by your company in the transportation of our employees.  

- Lancaster General Hospital

 I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation of your driver. He was our driver for the past days from Boston to New York. He was not just a professional driver, he cared for us, he was understanding, and most of all knew where and how to get everywhere. 

- Garry & Carmen

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