Tourism Myth Busting: Fact or Fiction

Sixteen years ago, I began my career in tourism not even knowing what a tour operator was and for the past five years, I have been filling that role.  Never would I have imagined that my career would send me down the sales and marketing path for not one but two motorcoach companies.  Being one of “those” people was the farthest thought from my mind.

Spending eleven years as a supplier (someone selling a service to a tour operator) in the industry allowed me ample time to interact with tour operators. At times I viewed them as cruel, lazy and pretty full of themselves.  Yes, I went there!  Now that I am on the “other side of the fence” and I am a tour operator, I realize that many of the reactions and thoughts from both the supplier side and the tour operator side are misunderstood.  In the next few weeks, it is my hope that many of these myths can be busted and the supplier and tour operator can live side by side in peace and harmony… okay…at least find some common ground that can benefit both.

All comments will be welcomed and <gasp> we may even get a discussion started.  If you are too shy to place a public comment or perhaps have a myth you want to see busted, please feel free to email me:   This is going to be fun!  I dedicate this myth busting to Chris Harrower – one of the industry’s biggest cheerleaders and master blogger who is missed from the halls of tourism.

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