Warehouse-Manufacturing Employee Trips

If you have a warehouse or factory, you probably have a lot of hardworking, dedicated employees. Most of the time, those employees will be in a central location in your building for the entire day.

However, every once in a while, you may need transportation for manufacturing employee trips. Perhaps you need to get your employees to an off-site training, or maybe you have a team-building retreat planned. Whatever the reason, warehouse employee trip coach buses are the best approach.

Why You Need Manufacturing Employee Trip Coach Buses

Coach buses lined up in a parking lot.

If you fail to plan transportation for warehouse employees, you risk your group outing not being as successful as it could be. Even if the event is

mandatory, allowing your workers to rely on their own transportation makes it much easier for many not to show up, citing difficulty with their vehicles or otherwise arranging a ride. If you arrange bus transportation for employee trips leaving from the office, you can control attendance to a much greater extent.

A comfortable coach ride is also an opportunity to begin the trip as soon as you start to travel. Employees can bond, relax and enjoy each other’s company on the bus, and you can even begin pre-training or other pre-event activities on the way.

Even better, all employees will arrive at the destination at roughly the same time, so there’s no waiting around for stragglers to show up. You can get started with your event right away.

Executive Coach for Transportation for Warehouse Employee Trips

If you’re looking for transportation for manufacturing employees in central Pennsylvania area or surrounding areas, including select parts of Maryland, Executive Coach has your perfect solution. We have 40-passenger coaches and 56-passenger larger coaches, so we will have no problem accommodating your employees. These are not party buses — they are clean, sophisticated, comfortable coaches designed to get your employees to your chosen destination safely and ready to participate in whatever event you have planned.

Order Your Executive Coach for Your Next Planned Manufacturing Employee Event Now

When arranging your transportation, you want to do it with a company you can rely on. Executive Coach has been satisfying customers in and around the Pennsylvania area through five decades thanks to our dedication to quality and customer service. We make sure our drivers are highly trained to give you the safest possible experience. We thoroughly clean all of our coaches after every trip, and we provide 24/7 maintenance service should anything go wrong.

Despite our luxurious coaches and high level of service, our prices are quite reasonable. To find out more, give us a call at 717-464-2767 or fill out our simple online contact form today.

From Our Customers:

 We had a great time yesterday. Thank you so much. Things could not have gone more perfect. Our driver did a great job. We were running over a little on time, and I gave him the choice of skipping the last stop or keep going (which would mean we would get back to our return destination about 40 minutes later than scheduled). He said it was fine with him to keep going and complete our route. It was a great day. Thank you very much to Executive Coach, Inc.! 

- Susan
Threadworks Quilting

 Back from another wonderful day trip to Ocean City! The bus driver was pleasant, courteous, and a wonderful driver. We were picked up on time, the bus was clean and comfortable, and we were back a few minutes early despite some traffic delays. Can't wait to go again in August! 

- Connie from Paradise, PA

 Executive Coach staff & drivers are timely, friendly, and professional. They took the stress and worry out of our transportation logistics 

- Hope International

  On a recent trip to D.C. I was in need of a sudden change in carriers due to safety concerns and the crew at Executive Coach came through for me. They were able to provide service from D.C. to Chicago on a less than 24-hour notice. I will recommend Executive Coach anytime, anywhere! You have restored my faith in a corporate culture that takes responsibility, loves their work and goes the extra mile (literally!) 

- Ed Hollinger
Chiaravalle Montessori School

 I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation of your driver. He was our driver for the past days from Boston to New York. He was not just a professional driver, he cared for us, he was understanding, and most of all knew where and how to get everywhere. 

- Garry & Carmen

 We were very pleased with the outcome and performance by your company in the transportation of our employees.  

- Lancaster General Hospital

 We have worked closely with Executive Coach for years. They have always portrayed the utmost professionalism and courtesy to us as a customer. Their equipment is state of the art and very well maintained, and their drivers are concerned with the safety of their passengers and are very pleasant to our groups. Overall, the team at Executive Coach has been a wonderful partner with White Star Tours and we look forward to continuing our professional relationship for years to come. 

- White Star Tours

 I want to extend my appreciation to Executive Coach and our driver for organizing a safe trip to the Women's March in DC this past Saturday. Our driver was courteous and respectful and obliged to our wishes to travel directly into DC for a drop off point after all the metro sites were full. Everyone on the bus loved his accommodating manner and felt safe riding with him. I appreciate the Executive Coach staff working tirelessly to make sure we had all the information available to us. I look forward to working with you all again! 

- Brenda

 I just finished a tour from Washington to Boston with one of your drivers. It was the best driver and person I worked with in my last 15 years. The group and I appreciated his presence and safety during this tour.  

- Normand
Misa Tours

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